Tanya Hyde’s Spotless “House of Sin”

If British porn director Tanya Hyde ever landed a show on HGTV, the tagline would be “Floors You Can Eat Off And Fuck On.”

Tanya Hyde’s world is an efficient one, full of flesh, clean surfaces, and very little residue. It’s also an admirably well-realized one for the porn world. The director’s “House of Sin” is full of debaucherous but well-heeled roommates.

With its splendid art direction and costuming, “House of Sin” isn’t the kind of movie where a skanky-but-willing slattern in a sweatshirt gets it on with her stepson’s best friend. Instead Hyde creates a choreographed BSDM-flavored pageant with very little talking and lots of jodhpurs.


This movie is the type of film I’m absolutely certain is screened in the background of certain parties. Parties I don’t attend. Parties I’ve never been invited to. There’s no story to “House of Sin,” per se, but the images—bound women on wheels, leashed women crawling across immaculate floors, not a hair out of place—are riveting, and more than enough to compensate for the fact that someone ate all the dip.

Usual and beloved Europorn suspects Cathy Heaven, Samantha Bentley, and Liza del Sierra gambol in and out of costume in this feature, and not once do any of them say, “But you’re my daughter’s best friend! I couldn’t possibly.”

Still, fantasy or not, no one wears hats like that except in porn movies.

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