Tara Lynn Foxx: Coming to terms with your mom’s needs

I like this picture a lot. It says so much about priorities.

Here are Tara Lynn Foxx and Nina Hartley in Private’s forthcoming movie about “Cheating Hollywood Wives,” directed by Dave Naz.

Private, based in Barcelona, rarely shoots in the United States, so the European take on “Cheating Hollywood Wives,” as directed by an American, should be intriguing.

For example, Nina has invited a gentleman from the Wife Seduction Service over while her daughter, Tara, is ostensibly at school. When the latter arrives home early, she doesn’t know what to do.

That is, her head doesn’t know what to do, but her body seemingly animates itself. Her brain goes on autopilot at the sight of her mother with a man who is not her dad, but her hands instinctively creep to those places that can help her make sense of things.

There’s a lot of important stuff going on here. I keep forgetting it’s pornography.

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  1. I'm not sure I can handle a Private movie that's filmed in America by an American. It also seems like your typical vignette movie, rather than an actual film, and I really enjoy Private's films. Interesting.

    Nina Hartley does make it better, though.

  2. If I may be an erect grammarian for a moment, I couldn't help noticing that it's TARA Lynn Foxx. I'll wank a lot more happily if it's spelled correctly.


  3. Thank you! I don't want to ever be accused of perpetuating alternate pornstar spellings. Look at the Amy Reid/Ried, Bree Olsen/Olson fiasco.

  4. Christopher, the thing that intrigues me about this movie is that the scenarios came from Barcelona but were directed by Dave Naz and interpreted by American performers. I think the more context you add to porn, the more interesting it can be. Or how much more could go wrong. But I think this movie will be great.

  5. I think I'm just going to have to see the finished product. Private films have a certain gloss to them that's appealing – it'll be interesting to see if it's retained.

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