The American Spirit of Megan Coxxx

I spoke with the charming and long-leggedy British porn star Megan Coxxx this week while she filmed for Harmony Productions’ director Gazzman. We taught each other about our respective cultures, including how Americans say goodbye and the best way to prepare and eat a Corgi.

When you see her in “Megan Coxxx: Nymphomaniac,” you will encounter a person who is all business. This is appropriate, as the business of porn is business. But in person Coxxx is as sweet as a scone, or whatever it is those people eat. I was happy to breathe in her second-hand American Spirit particles as we laughed over how “smoking fags” means something different here.

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7 thoughts on “The American Spirit of Megan Coxxx

  1. At first, I was like, “What a gorgeous smile!”, but then I was like, “Ugh… cancer stick.”

  2. It is that she has such a gorgeous smile despite the cancer stick that makes her a winner. I get near a cigarette and my jaw falls off like Sigmund Freud.

  3. Yeah, I was considering the awesomeness of her smile in spite of the cancer stick… but the menace of it darkened the whole experience, like it’ll eventually darken her lungs, face and yes, those pearly-whites.

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