The Bad Lieu Tenant

David Aaron Clark, the smartest guy in porn and chronicler of dirty girls from the Mysterious East, sends news of a ripoff at the hands of a starlet and her diminutive suitcase pimp.

Jade Lieu (far left – she even stole my real name for her porn name) and her husband, the Mancunian Steven Leeds (yes, I just wanted to fucking write “Mancunian”) stayed at Clark’s place before and after the AVN Expo, which they attended on Madness Pictures’ dime. After they left the Valley the other morning, Clark woke to find his shoot’s master tapes and half of the accompanying documentation missing from his desk. Clark claims Lieu had also kept wardrobe loaned to her and had a history of not signing releases.

You’d think that, to serve the narrative, Lieu would be the one in the picture wearing the stolen clothes, rather than Marilyn Manson.

Lieu and her husband also “ripped off several small producers Jade had contacted on her own,” Clark writes.

That the evidence points to deceit and theft isn’t a surprise in Porn Valley, but veteran Clark’s surprise at this indicates such behavior isn’t the norm, either.

“I am not the only one they have ripped off — I’m just the one they did it to most spectacularly,” Clark says, “(Lieu and Leeds showed) a completely sociopathic response to the generosity and kindness shown them by (Serious Mirror Productions partner) Brian Surewood and myself.”

The master tapes had already been digitized for editing, and copies had been filed with Clark’s distributor, so the disappearance of the source material qualifies as disheartening rather than catastrophic.

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