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If you see the Old Testament as an economic treatise, you’ll agree that the Sin of Onan had more to do with shortchanging the Future Farmers of Israel by wasting valuable seed on the ground than any morals violation. Me, I prefer not to masturbate because I don’t want to deny Jewesses my nation-building fecundity.

But women masturbating is just fine. It’s not like they lose eggs because of it.

masturbation17Studio: New Sensations
Director: Eddie Powell
Starring: Rilee Marks, Hayden Winters, Kiera Winters, Capri Cavanni, Alessandra Snow, Lily Banks

Director Eddie Powell’s movie imagines a world in which pale women masturbate to the sight of other people having sex, to the rising son like our Anasazi forebears, and even to the printed word, if you can believe that shit.

Rilee Marks, Hayden Winters, Kiera Winters, Capri Cavanni, Alessandra Snow, and Lily Banks are all young and virginal, and each chooses to keep her onanistic exertions not necessarily secret, but private. There’s not a lot of porny caterwauling or vocally-fried attention-seeking.

And no one squirts at the camera.

I don’t imagine this is a movie that teaches women how to masturbate, nor do I think it is a movie for women. Let’s be honest. But it is a pleasure to watch simply because, even if it is for straight men, it doesn’t engage in so many porny contrivances as to be distracting.

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  1. How much Vaseline on the lens are we talking about here? Like Star Trek TOS cut-to-pretty-female-closeup amounts?

    Rising *sun*. Also, Dude, Anasazi is not the preferred nomenclature. “Ancient Pueblo peoples”, please. 😉

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