The Famous Vagina of Amber Peach

Amber Peach's Vagina

Amber Peach's VaginaEverywhere I go, I hear about Amber Peach’s vagina. Most recently I was at the Playboy Mansion, and Cousin Stevie asked, “You know who has the best vagina? Amber Peach.”

I was able to corner Peach’s vagina at a recent Vivid shoot (more on that later), and we had the following conversation. Peach acted as her vagina’s interpreter.

“So Cousin Stevie is a big fan,” I said.

Amber Peach's Vagina

“Yes,” Peach said. “We can be at dinner, and he’ll turn to someone and say, ‘You know who has the best vagina?'”

“Does he say it when his wife is around?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. Cousin Stevie’s wife is beloved of everyone who meets her. My own wife watched Mrs. Cousin Stevie counsel a man out of marrying beneath him at the Playboy Mansion’s co-ed bathroom.

Peach explained that her vagina is very much like a peach, which is why she chose her name, Amber.

“Well, what do you think of your vagina?” I probed.

“At first I thought it was weird,” she said.

“I’ll need to see it,” I said. Because I’m a visual person.

Amber Peach's Vagina

“Here it is!” she said.


I told a bunch of people at Carl’s Jr. later. I couldn’t help it.

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  1. I appreciate your comment, Mr. Beam. Maybe they should put them together and make the SuperVagina?

  2. Hey, since Hillary Clinton is now publicly defending her lobbyist bankroll, I see no reason why you can’t follow suit. And adopting professional sports teams’ sponsorship model is easier than requiring that all votes be written on ten-dollar bills sent through the mail.

  3. I would totally get behind the Pawtucket Red Sox with “Porn Valley Observed” on their team jerseys. Gram is the Commissioner of the Triple A ball club that is porn.

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