The “Naked Truth” about Alex Chance [video]

Alex Chance is businesslike in a way that is stunning when she turns on the pornstar attitude. Thinking she’s from Georgia, I bring her a pecan pie for our Gamelink interview.

“Why did you think I’m from Georgia?” she says. “I’m from Virginia.”

I don’t know,” I say. “My research assistants are all dead.”

Chance knows she has big breasts and doesn’t pretend she doesn’t. I say this in the context of porn actresses who have made a conscious decision to translate into cash something that everyone else can’t help seeing.

“How are they looking today?” she says at her Hollywood apartment, after changing into a blue dress.

GREAT,” I say. “I mean ‘great.'”

Before she got into the adult business, Chance worked for a firm in Virginia selling timeshares.

“I wore a uniform shirt, if that’s what you’re getting at,” she says, anticipating my question “So you must have sold a billion timeshares, right?”

And after an acquaintance sent some photos to Score, the Florida-based BBW studio, she was off and running.

“But I’ve lost some weight since then,” Chance says, “and there’s fans who liked the heavier me who don’t like the skinnier me, and vice versa.”

If it was a decision to get into the business as a more zaftig model, what was the decision to slim down about?

“Some people are healthier heavier,” she says, “but I don’t think I was.”


We go out to the pool area, and it’s uncomfortable at first because there are other residents there.

“They all know,” says Chance, as I ask her to get into a frank, girl-next-door blowjob position. “I think some of them might be into knowing The Porn Girl on the First Floor.”

Somewhere along the line Chance learned that her target demographic responded well to her voice sounding higher and her attitude being pornier, so when I switched on the camera, gone was the professional east coast sales manager. It was impressive. And maybe she kept her voice at a throatier alto for me because she knew I’d like that? It boggles the mind.

But I have a feeling you’d like Alex Chance no matter where you encountered her.

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