The Pornhumous Vixen Vogel

It was bound to happen that I would drive someone with whom I’ve shared intimate moments from the porn industry. I met the red-headed Vixen on a shoot last year and neither she nor the company she shot for exists (at least with their assumed names) anymore.

It is so hard to find someone who is tall.

I mean, actually tall.

But such is the adult business that Vixen will continue to be seen as companies churn out back-product from the brief time she was in the business. That phenomenon is known as “Pornhumous“; you’re not dead, you’re just not in porn anymore.

In Sudden Impact’s Giants Black Meat White Treat 4 she is,yet again, solicited in a park to appear in a music video.

This video, shot in late June of last year, shows that Vixen had some extra characters added to her tattoo from our meeting the previous month. The characters say: “I am sorry, but I will leave you, Gram.”

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