This “Psycho” parody is better than Gus Van Sant’s

“Psycho” is my first favorite porn movie of 2011 (even though it was made in backward 2010, when Sarah Vandella was still in her Sara Sloane period) and a great example of how big budget productions don’t always squander time and talent.

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Studio: Zero Tolerance
Director: Gary Orona
Starring: Sara Sloane, Kagney Linn Karter, Kate Jordin, Breanne Benson, Francesca Le, Ryan McLane, Michael Vegas, Dane Cross, Lee Stone, Mark Wood, Eric Masterson, Tabitha Stevens

While writer/director Gary Orona uses all the salient elements of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” (fallen woman on the lam, Bates Motel, murder in the shower, , cross-dressing Norman, stuffed mom), he and an unhurried, confident cast throw in bits of business, both sexy and mundane, that make this a movie to watch for the dialogue.

Not that the sex scenes aren’t worth it. Sara Sloane as the doomed Marion is ripe and blowsy, and the KLK as her sister is just as intoxicating. Not every parody or scripted feature can match a performer to a character, but in the case of “Psycho,” there was no suspension of disbelief.

Even scenes clearly required to fill out the sex quota were better thought out than most of their porn parody peers. Dane Cross and Eric Masterson as an uptight banker and high roller, respectively, nailed their dialogue. And Lee Stone as a private dick did to Kagney Linn Karter the things that America wants to do to Kagney Linn Karter.

If you haven’t seen the original “Psycho,” the plot revolves around creepy Norman Bates and the odd relationship he has with his (mostly unseen) mother. In this parody we find out why Norman likes to dress in women’s clothes.

As Norman, Ryan McLane is fearless. It’s a great role to introduce this not-yet-well-known performer to people. And Sara Sloane (now known—again—as Sarah Vandella following the expiration of her contract with Zero Tolerance) again shows how natural and funny an actress she is. Orona makes her a very kinky girl; the kind you will take home to Mother.

As you well know, I am now an acclaimed and wealthy porn director, just about to release my $17,000 version of “The Facts of Life.” Why “Psycho” was so impressive to me personally was that each actor looked so comfortable with his/her lines that I was jealous of the prep time.

And the dialogue was great. Who wouldn’t love to hear Sara Sloane say to you, her loser boyfriend, “I’d whore up to pay your bets off, Sam”? I’d even change my name to Sam.

Complaints are minor and few: We are sometimes aware that characters are added to fill out a sex scene requirement so, since liberties have already been taken with the original concept, why not have Sara Sloane get fucked twice? We can take it.

Also, our strong sense of Justice chafes at the misleading “Official Parody.” We’re fairly certain the estate of Mr. Hitchcock (or Gus Van Sant) wasn’t consulted.

Buy “The Official Psycho Parody” here

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