Trial Balloons

When I worked at the Monthly Porn Shopper, I would receive hundreds of press releases a week. Depending on whose business we needed, I would endeavor to publish the gist by editing them to within an inch of their lives. That no one cared if they were edited or not was lost on me, as I was a starry-eyed dreamer from Banff.

Publicists are paid by the piece or are on retainer, so sometimes their press releases reflect a slow news week. That a “noted” director (I always loved that one) was signing at a certain booth or that so-and-so was feature-dancing in Cleveland always paled in comparison to, say, “Dolorian Grows Second Ass”.

Anyway, this beta-version of you are reading is hardly on the radar, so I have the luxury of reading every press release, no matter how inconsequential. Here’s a little story I like to call:

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