“Turbo Rock”‘s girls together outrageously

If you liked “Repo Man” but wished it had sex in it, you will love Dave Naz’s “Turbo Rock.”

Studio: HeartCore
Director: Dave Naz
Starring: April Flores, Ashley Blue, Dane Cross, Ethan Hunt, Vin Vericose, Stan Lee, Tony Clifton, TJ Cummings

Porn is by its nature laser-focused on a few juicy parts of the anatomy and, when it strays, it can often seem self-indulgent. “Turbo Rock” is one of those porn movies that is both utterly self-indulgent and entertaining.

Ashley Blue and April Flores are groupies of the band Toxic Goiter, fronted by Dane Cross. But Blue has a secret – she’s fucking Dane’s brother. Also, the band needs a manager. That’s the story.

In between we hear the porn soundtrack of the year provided by punk band The Meatmen and are treated to the cameo of the year by Tony Clifton (the same name as Andy Kaufman’s alter-ego) as the Goiters’ prospective manager. Not only that, but interested audiences can watch Blue’s elaborate primping ritual.

Straddling a toilet reverse-cowgirl style, Blue pisses for what seems like five minutes while Cross’s brother listens in on the phone whilst jerking off. Her urethra pumps away, reminding us not unpleasantly of the Brain Bug in “Starship Troopers.” That’s rock and roll.

But there are problems in the band.

After Cross breaks down the profits from the previous night’s gig, Blue is horrified that their take was cut into by the bass player’s penchant for Jagerbomb enemas.

She calls him an asshole.

“Asshole with a scrumptious bouquet of licorice, you rock and roll go-go buttshaker,” he replies. It’s one of those lines in a porn movie that you know a lot of love went into before a porn dude delivered it, stillborn.

“Turbo Rock” is a long inside joke with some sex in it, and Clifton’s performance is as funny a porn cameo as you will ever see. And it is always good to see Ashley Blue pulling some of her signature moves. It is also fun to see Flores dressed like an L.A. rock’n’roll chola.

This is a really fun indie porn with its heart in the right place. Still, I would not want to see the emo version.

  • Buy “Turbo Rock” here.

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