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Briana Banks, the Vivid Girl described as “Jenna Jameson’s slutty younger sister”, volunteered for the chance to do things Vivid girls don’t normally do (like, you know, a D{ouble}P{enetration}) when Vivid and Red Light District teamed up to produce what is these days being called a high-end gonzo.

Manuel Ferrara is directing this show for Red Light, his last project there before moving to Evil Angel, where he hopes to produce content that he says will “make you want to jerk off even before the sex starts.”

“A lot of movies start with a girl showing up and then there are suddenly two cocks in her mouth,” Gallic heartthrob Ferrara said, later adding: “I miss Paris.”

In this Vivid/RLD co-production, which has yet to be named, Briana Banks shows up for one of Ferrara’s gonzo shoots and he doesn’t think a Vivid Girl can cut the gonzo mustard. “At that time I will be surprised,” Ferrara said.

Yesterday at a marble-floored mansionlette in Chatsworth Banks, Ferrara, Rita Faltoyano, and Brianna Love braved the indoor chill and tried to look on the bright side.

“My nipples are hard already,” Banks said.

Banks, born in Munich, came to the United States when she was seven. Her voice is a little husky. In bare feet, which is how I like her when she’s here at the house, she stands 5’10”. Since this is porn, however, yesterday she was wearing six-inch heels and stood taller than her male and female co-stars, the crew, and all but one of the guests. She made Brianna Love look like a scale model of a porn star.

“I’m known as the Dirty Vivid Girl,” Banks said. Prior to her five-year Vivid contract, Banks worked for Max Hardcore and did gangbangs with Anabolic. She entered the industry as “Mirage”, which suggests the effect she had on people who saw her boobs in their natural form coupled with how tall and painfully thin she was. Max Hardcore likes ’em thin. I prefer the new version, though the boobs are a little intimidating.

“It was surprising to people when I signed the Vivid contract,” she said, “because I had two years under my belt already. Most of the other contract girls hadn’t done anything before.”

The Chatsworth house is surrounded by walls and security gates. It is also ridiculously ornate with decorations that suggest a recent lottery win rather than love of art. Rita Faltoyano and Brianna Love sat outside by the pool, where it was warmer.

“I have been to 26 countries,” Faltoyano said. I mentioned that a lot of people don’t get out of Los Angeles County, and asked her about differences between adult content from country to country.

“In Italy there is no gonzo,” she said. “They really care about your hair and makeup and clothes there.”

Banks echoed this later. “Guys should really wear deodorant,” she said.

Inside Ferrara was shooting Love and Faltoyano servicing John Strong and Michael Stefano on a spindly set of love seats. As part of the scene, Banks was brought in like a fifth wheel and Ferrara was supposed to act dismissive. So Banks, all ten feet of her, had to crawl across the rug and find something to do.

“You don’t know where to go, so you just stick your thumb up your bum,” she said afterward. In fact, she knew just what to do, and five years of being airlifted around the world in private Vivid jets with crystal bowls full of color-coordinated Skittles fell away as she took one in the front and one where her thumb had been.

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