We do whatever we can: the Circle Jerks and Circa ’82

Getting previously-released music into a movie – even a porn movie – is tough, but Circa ’82 director Dave Naz had an in.

“Keith (Morris) asked if I wanted to use the Jerks’ music in a movie,” he said. “I took him up on it.”

Naz, who grew up in L.A. and who was in his early teens circa ’82, later played in bands with the Circle Jerks and Bad Religion, and is friends with original Jerks Morris and Greg Hetson. Prior to the Circle Jerks, Morris formed Black Flag, and Hetson founded Bad Religion during one of the Jerks’ many breakups.

Morris even makes a cameo as an “old man.” Ouch.

The only other musical coup that comes to mind with regard to porn movies is when Joanna Angel managed to get Rancid’s “Time Bomb” on Joanna’s Angels 2.

Circa ’82 is a great movie. See a review here and a gallery here.

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