Weekend: Katsuni and Amy Ried in Texas, the Spyderz in Vegas

Katsuni will bring her frank and leonine ways to old El Paso this weekend as she dances at that city’s Red Parrot gentlemen’s club as part of its “Asian Invasion.”

I always think of Katsuni as French first, but that’s because she always greets me with a selection of fine cheeses. As you are doubtless aware, Katsuni’s first appearance in Texas was foretold a generation ago by the Doobie Brothers: “Thought it’s a part of the Lone Star State,” they said in China Grove, “People don’t seem to care; they just keep on looking to the East.”

Katsuni will be in El Paso for two shows nightly tonight through Saturday.

“Zee Texas flag,” she did not say, “it ees like zee French flag, no? Zee liberte, egalite, executing the retarded…”

Meanwhile, deep in the heart of Texas, Amy Ried will grace Austin’s Pleasurefest tonight at Ace’s on Sixth Street. Pleasurefest is like EroticaLA writ small, with the added enticement of Congress Street Bridge bats.

Up in Las Vegas, husband of Tera Patrick and scourge of Rita Moreno Evan Seinfeld will perform with his band, the Spyderz, at the Erotic Heritage Museum, which is a great place to see a show.

If you go to the show, see if 40 percent of the band is obscured by darkness like in this photo. And is that Wormtongue on the left?

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