Welcome Back Cytherea or: Patience is a squirtue

Cytherea, who helped define porn girl excesses for the 21st century and launched, with her impressive Kegel muscles, an adult industry resume booster in squirting, is back after a four-year hiatus.

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“I did some crazy, crazy things,” she said. “You can’t believe everything you read, but if you read it about me, there’s a good chance it’s true.”

Cytherea got into porn in 2003 when she was 22. And she had a gift.

“I squirted when I had my first orgasm,” she said. “I thought that’s just what happened.”

It wasn’t as if Cytherea was the first porn star who squirted, but in that pre-parody, pre-MILF, pre-social networking time in the adult industry, when porn websites could still be profitable but the industry was feeling the first twinges of the death of the DVD, Cytherea was a sensation.

“I was definitely the poster girl for … something,” she said.

And her antics were fodder for industry wags and chatboard lurkers who feed on porn misery while supplying their crush objects with a measure of fame.

It was like the last breath before the fall of the Roman Empire back then. Cytherea lived with an AVN editor but, since there were much bigger conflicts of interest going on at the publication at that time, their relationship seemed wholesome by comparison.

Though drugs were always an issue for the squirter from Utah (whose idol was Utah native Belladonna), Cytherea’s ticket out of the porn business was a pregnancy in 2006. She married a fan she met at the Adult Entertainment Expo, moved back to Utah, and had two sons over the next four years.

Now she says she is clean and sober and is earnestly making inroads back into the business by way of Las Vegas, where she lives with her husband and family.

“I’m done with living in L.A.,” she said.

On the set of a masturbation movie directed by Erica McLean, Cytherea looked great and appeared grounded in a way she never did in 2005. She was wearing new boobs and a new hat.

“I’m going to take this slow,” she said, admitting that, after four years away, she didn’t feel like she knew anyone in the business anymore.

But then she got in front of a camera wielded by veteran adult photographer Barry Wood and looked like she’d never left. In fact, she soaked his lens from 15 feet away (“Not at all surprised,” Wood said).

Some people absolutely do not belong in the adult industry. Some, like Belladonna and Nina Hartley, flourish here. Cytherea seems like a third variety, someone who is more at home here than anywhere else.

In our interview, I asked the squirting MILF why she came back.

“I love being a mom,” she said. “I love it. But I also missed this so much. I think I can do both things and avoid the mistakes I made before, especially if I’m coming in from Nevada.”

Cytherea’s new site, Cytherea’s Wet World, will debut soon.

See our exclusive interview here

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  1. Look at squirting Chyterea ! Absolutely fantastic! I’ve never seen a beautiful star can squirt so beautiful like that. It’s amazing! It’s really “A GIFT”. I love it very much. I love to see a woman squirt!

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