Welcome to the World, Wood Rocket

wr“There is a chance that people will hate us,” says Lee Roy Myers of his long-germinating free porn site Wood Rocket, “but actual human beings will love us.”

Featuring a zippy Atomic Age motif and original webisodes like “Topless Girls Reading Books,” “James Deen Loves Food,” and ridiculous mini-features like “SpongeKnob SquareNuts,” Wood Rocket also hosts lots of free porn, mostly from Myers projects like “Katy Pervy.”

How do Myers and Co. keep Wood Rocket free?

A shadowy team of investors,” says Myers.

Wood Rocket’s model is likely a threatening one to paysites, but the elegant website does carry advertising banners from Fleshlight as well as its own merchandise store. There is also a donation button.

More than anything, it seems like Wood Rocket is a grand experiment in a different user experience than most porn sites (aside from this one, which is all-around glorious); while porn can be grave and serious and political, it’s not at Wood Rocket. It is more of a humor site with hardcore nudity.

Launched on Friday, January 18 with prominent mentions on high-traffic websites (including Gawker), Wood Rocket has already logged a great deal of traffic and, if we are to believe XBiz publisher Alec Helmy at January’s XBiz360 Conference, Traffic is King.

It was during Helmy’s pronouncement that Evil Angel director John Stagliano stood up and asked whatever happened to the notion that Content was King (“You’re not getting any traffic if people don’t make the content in the first place,” Stagliano said).

Wood Rocket is clearly the product of its time; a highly ironic and self-aware site populated by highly-ironic and self-aware characters (Deen’s sequence is brilliant), Wood Rocket is also a concession to a generation that doesn’t buy porn so much as it consumes the lifestyle and accessories.

Myers is a filmmaker who nevertheless knows the constantly changing ins and outs of the porn business, and he intends for Wood Rocket to be a perfect blend of content and traffic.

Myers is expanding Wood Rocket’s archive and will be adding content regularly. “We want the site to be fun, first and foremost,” he says. “And then the money will come, we hope.”

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