Well Hungarians: Abbie Cat And That Premature Feeling

Abbie Cat Ate the Canary
Abbie Cat Ate the Canary

Abbie Cat, the beautiful 24-year-old Hungarian with the 1-year-old boobs, is by no means imperious. Still, when she says “Come on my face,” you hop to it.

abbiecat1In “Mofos Worldwide 6,” a collection of usual suspects from outside America, who make the rounds of all the Evil Angel and Private directors, too, Cat does a striptease on an elegant but uncomfortable-looking couch before she whips out her machine-crafted breasts, a new set she is clearly proud of.

Myself, I thought Cat had a wonderful mystery about her before she got new boobs, a suspension of disbelief that was right up my alley. “Sure she looks like she COULD be a porn star,” I would say, “but there’s still a chance she’s getting her Master’s in Hungarian Library Science.”

With the new double-Ds, there’s just no question, my friends.

But that doesn’t make sex with Abbie Cat any less exciting. In fact, if you watch the climactic few moments a couple of times—as I was compelled to—it’s pretty clear there was some premature ejaculation going on: while he’s still inside her, Cat abandons her porny sneer for a genuine smile, giggles, and then—like a pro—says “Come on my face.”

He pulls out, there’s an edit, and the next thing you know she’s blowing him and spitting out come. We don’t see the money shot. It is clear that Cat’s vagina had been speaking some serious Magyar that overwhelmed her partner’s resolve.

It could happen to anyone, but I bet it happens to Abbie Cat a lot.

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