What does Jamye Waxman know about love?

It takes a special kind of person to dispense sex advice without sounding simultaneously full of herself and unsexy. The successful sex talker must also seductively straddle the crosshairs of information, entertainment, and the labia while seeming both accessible and not distractingly, self-consciously whorish.

Jamye Waxman accomplishes these things by taking her subject seriously without worrying too much about herself.

“Sex is supposed to be fun,” Waxman said, “which is why I shy away from the word ‘expert’. That implies you’re done learning about the subject, and sometimes the thrill of it is improving on your mistakes.”

Waxman came to the new Gram Ponante Towers, Sensuarium, Makeout Room, Orchestra Pit, and Stayfree Helipad to promote her movie “101 Positions for Lovers,” for which she flew several real couples to Jamaica to get it on, you know, educationally.

Enjoy our interview below, in which Waxman waxes on about her beginnings in New York radio, her influences (like Nina Hartley and Candida Royalle), and blowjob anxiety.:

What Does Jamye Waxman Know About Love? from Ray Mavervorl on Vimeo.

(Had the movie featured porn stars, it would have been called “118 Positions for Lovers: The Ronald Reagan Freeway.”)

Buy “101 Positions for Lovers” here

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