When adultery isn’t exciting

You know that their hearts aren’t in it when they kiss in that lip-smacking way.

If you were a baby and someone kissed you on the ear that way, the way European porn lesbians kiss each other on the lips, you would avoid that person. You would think, “That person sounds when she kisses like most people sound when they eat chicken.”

Maybe European porn performers approach their work with a blase’ attitude. But how can you find fault with a picture like this (from Viv Thomas’ Unfaithful 4)?

On that very comfortable-looking bed in a sun-washed room in some European capital, one woman goes barefoot while the other wears stockings. Meanwhile, on the couch, the lone shod woman is the most frank yet also the most overcome with ennui, as if she has read everything in the collection of encyclopediae in the bookcase to her right and she has nothing more to be excited by.

Porn Europeans show so little enthusiasm because years of cell phone use has rewired their senses, as indicated by the italics in the plot description below:

Nella and Lisa have agreed to spend some time alone. Lisa needs to reassess her life, but can she stay faithful as she lays awake at night, her body aching for the warmth of her young lover, her soul craving the taste of her fresh scent, and her mind speculating as to who she is with.

Anyway, there is a lot going on in this photograph, if you would just stop jerking off for a moment and look at it.

Unfaithful 4

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  1. Oh, I dunno. When my soul craves the taste of a fresh scent, I like to start with blase European lesbians — but since they’re so unavailable in the US, I typically resort to snorting Febreze.

    BTW, is the taste of a fresh scent the same as the scent of a fresh flavor?

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