When South of the Border refers to both Mexico and Remy La Croix’s anus

This weekend I made a Costco run and purchased enough toilet paper, bacon, and Hansen’s (Not To Be Confused with Leprosy Hansen’s) Soda to maintain my high standard of living for at least a month. I was proud of myself. I also went on a bike ride, dosed my dog against fleas for another five weeks, saw some friends, made a couple of excellent breakfasts and cocktails, wrote about 2,000 words—some of them usable—and cleaned my garage. All in all an advance in my war against entropy and lassitude, an exercise in Not Dropping the Ball, and a relaxing Southern California weekend.

Yet I look at what Francesca Le and Mark Wood got up to with Remy La Croix in Cabo and I think: Fuck bacon.

remy15Studio: LeWood/Evil Angel
Director: Mark Wood & Francesca Le
Starring: Remy LaCroix, Francesca Le, Mark Wood

In addition to taking some sunblock along on their romantic getaway to Cabo, Francesca Le and husband Mark Wood take Remy LaCroix.

Imagine this: You and your spouse are in your 40s and want to take some Hot Young Thing to Cabo St. Lucas with you. So you do. You all have a wonderful time because she is just delightful and, by the time the weekend is over, you’ve all had sex a bunch of times. If you’re Mark Wood and Francesca Le, you film it.

Sadly, for most couples the action would not advance beyond “You and your spouse are in your 40s.”

But this is how things happen in the porn world. If everyone likes everyone enough (and, in this case, there is an easy chemistry between all three), and there’s some business that can be done, why not film your swinging fling and release it as a movie?

“Remy LaCroix’s Anal Cabo Weekend” is a charming little travelogue featuring the juicy and affable LaCroix as well as the juicy and affable Francesca Le and her lucky and affable husband, Mark Wood, in the desert-meets-beach beauty of Cabo. We watch the women frolic in the heavy undertow created by the confluence of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific, and ponder a few truths.

1. This couple is nearly twice LaCroix’s age.
2. They are paying her to accompany them.
3. There’s a chance she’d probably do this for free, because that’s how well they get along. But the money helps because, hey, everybody has a tight schedule.
4. Life is good.

After charming the porn world throughout 2012 and making some excellent movies—including her award-winning turn in “Torn”—Remy LaCroix abruptly left Porn Valley for all of about three months. Now she’s back.

While there are moments that appear staged in this video, it is undeniable that we are watching a fun vacation far away from Chatsworth (I need one of those myself right now).

My only problem? While I see that the inclusion of the word “Anal” in the title probably guarantees a couple hundred more sales, this trip meant so much more than anal to me.

If you’re going to have a weekend, why not make it an anal one?

But after comparing their anal weekend with my weekend, the only thing I can offer this lucky trio is some toilet paper.

Buy “Remy LaCroix’s Anal Cabo Weekend” here

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