Why is this man staring at Amber Rayne’s shoulder?

amber-wtwAs you know, I am a tremendously sexual person. Sometimes I’m not even allowed to board planes. So it is not in my chemical makeup, in general, to question what in a lady a man or another woman might find attractive. Feet? The Ass? Legs? Her brain? Nothing is off limits in my pan-sexual worldview.

But why this dude to the left is staring so intently at Amber Rayne’s shoulder in Amber Rayne Is A White Trash Whore, when there are at least two other parts of her available, puzzled me.

That was until my friend the spirit photographer sent over this amplified image from the spectro-lab here at Gram Ponante Towers.

Join me on the other side of the terrestrial portal for the shocking photograph.

Bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman appears in spirit form above Amber Rayne’s right shoulder in an image now on loan to Canoga Park’s Museum of Spectral Photography.

Why Chapman, who is still alive and the subject of his own A&E Network reality show, is hovering benevolently over Rayne is anyone’s guess.

A reader writes:

You continue to ignore the fact that minorities are more in touch with the spirit world.

If, when you say “ignore,” you mean “embrace,” then Yes, I do ignore that fact.

I only present facts. Sexual facts. And I cannot comment on the spirit realm, because it owes me money.

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  1. “I only present facts. Sexual facts.” I think you just found the tagline for your memoirs (or the film based on them).

  2. Alison, when you write all MySpace-y like that I am tempted to ask for age verification. Should you be reading porn sites?

  3. Oh gram, how I do love you and your quips. This one had me snickering quite a bit. I keep the dog hunter on my shoulder like an angel lol. I love it. 🙂

    -Amber Rayne

  4. Amber, you are friggin HOT!? Your work is amazing, anal tops anyone else, seriously, keep it up. I would love love love to see you take on Ron Jeremy, it would be a sight to see, please do a flick with him…please!

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