Why Natasha Malkova Can’t Read

Natasha Markova

Natasha Malkova

Natasha Malkova is not Mia Malkova. Nor is she Jade Couture. While we’re at it, she’s probably not graduating, either.

Natasha Malkova tries to study but she just can’t. First she needs to take her pants off. Then she needs to text. When some dude comes by and starts tugging at her panties, we can almost hear that Associate’s Degree going right to hell.


Malkova stars in “Pervs on Patrol 10,” a series featuring women who might not have intended to have sex with some random stranger when they woke up that morning, but it wasn’t so far from their comfort zone that it seemed unreasonable.

Markova appears here as Jade Couture, perhaps because the series advertises “new” girls (as such, Markova has only appeared in a handful of titles since she got into porn last year), and she’s just delicious.


Helping matters is the fact that the series is low budget but not low quality; we “spy” on her in natural light and around corners in some sunny bungalow in Florida, so when the reveal comes, it’s just a little glorious.

Buy “Pervs on Patrol 10” here

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