Witchy Women: JACKtheZIPPER And His Goddamned Sacred Geometry of Filth


PVO_JacktheZipperSee this picture across the banner on the top of the page? The intriguing JACKtheZIPPER took a series of them starring me and the whippetlike trailergirl Marina Angel in a room of the Alexis Park Hotel in Vegas. As I get older (especially in this business), I worry about appearing creepy. Seriously, what am I doing here? Don’t I know non-porn personnel of Marina’s age whom I may be related to? To whom I may teach English at an undisclosed community college? Who might babysit my dog when I go out of town? “She’s young enough to be any of those people!” you might point out.

marina angel and gram ponante

“Yes,” I’ll say. “Indeed she is. But I don’t want to have sex with any of those people.”

It is odd that people resort to “She’s young enough to be your — ” or “She’s old enough to be your — ” when passing judgment on flings. “She may be young enough or old enough to be those people, sure, but she’s not those people.” A woman I’m seeing now is in her early 40’s. I have a cousin — I think — who’s also in her early 40’s. Unless it was my cousin Dee Dee (not Ramone — this was a female Dee Dee) who was wildly appropriate with the young me when the family was on vacation one summer years ago), I have no interest in having sex with my cousin.

The point is that JACKtheZIPPER takes evocative, lurid photos. He’s really good at it. And his story is fascinating. We have a content trade-style conversation to drum up interest in his new, sleek website, but also get into what makes him a Porno Original.

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