Wittols: Cuckolds without the consequences

Are cuckolds the new milves? The niche in which men watch their spouses get taken – carnally! – by other men is ripe for pornic abuses.

The term “cuckold” comes from the Middle English cokewold and refers to a cuckoo hen who lays her eggs in another’s nest. Cuckolding came to encompass both an adulterous woman and her unwitting husband as well as the other man who aided the woman in cuckolding him.

The key here is that the husband is unwitting. He is not a swinger, he is not giving his wife a birthday present, he is not a reverse-unreconstructed Mormon. He is not giving consent to this atrocity.

But there is such a thing as a willing (or witting) cuckold, and he is known as a wittol.

Porn has a long tradition of wittolry, with such series as Dave Cummings’ Screw My Wife Please in which real couples are visited by a male porn performer who services the wife.

But straight-up cuckolding requires a little humiliation. Last year, Chatsworth Pictures began its Cuckold series, which included innovations like Oh No, There’s A Negro in My Wife!

The logline of the Cuckold series is “Sometimes the only thing wrong with your wife is You.”

Unlike some of my friends, I am not of the opinion that porn needs to exist just because it’s porn. But now and then I see a niche that is more socially relevant than others and that, I think, porn is uniquely suited to examine. Cuckolding is such a niche. Unfortunately, it has been bastardized.

Here we see pictures from Pink Visual’s Housewife Bangers 11 (“Hot wives banged right in front of their loser husbands!”), featuring Luscious Lopez. At no time in the movie does she say that she is a housewife. Her husband, Bobby, manages the Vegas strip club in which she dances, and he thought it would be a good idea to consent to a birthday present: she will bang one of her regular lap dance recipients, here played by Ethan Cage.

We know that Lopez and Cage are already porn stars, so there goes that element of reality. But “Bobby” is acquiescing to the banging, so he is a wittol. The boxcover copy, however, suggests that he is a four-star cuckold by calling him a “loser.” Who do we believe?

The answer, of course, is that you can believe no one but me.

I think it would be cool to have a series in which a man is cuckolded but he has no idea, sort of like how Doyle Lonegan got “stung” in The Sting (not to be confused with today’s previous entry). The movie would feature wives being banged in front of their husbands without their husbands knowing it.

This could be achieved through careful costuming. For example, a couple could be riding in the car with the husband driving, and the wife’s adultery partner could be dressed as the passenger seat. Or the couple might be going out for ice cream and the wife gets a banana split with a cock in it. One of the state’s many historic gloryholes could be dressed up like an ice cream parlor for this purpose.

Watch Housewife Bangers 11 here.
Buy Housewife Bangers 11 here.

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  1. I think a good example of excellent careful costuming would be if a husband and wife go to a costume party as a horse and a jockey and the wife has to have someone in the horse costume with her, so while her husband is outside playing the jockey, there’s some guy in the costume banging her silly and she’s making all these neighing noises and he thinks she’s just playing the part of a horse really enthusiastically, but no – cuckolding! Bang!

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