y tu Kimberly Kane tambien: “My Own Master”

It is about time someone combined the pornic undercurrents of “Poltergeist” with “y tu Mama tambien,” and Kimberly Kane has done it. Can the erotic subtexts of “You Can Count on Me” be far behind?

Studio: Good Vibrations
Director: Kimberly Kane
Starring: Kimberly Kane, Denis Marti, Avy Scott, Daniel Wylde, Wolf Hudson

Not wavering from the alternately fun and deadly-serious style she established in “Live in My Secrets,” Kimberly Kane dispatches three stellar scenes in “My Own Master,” a must-see film from Good Vibrations.

“My Own Master” is just a great movie, one of those little gems to be found in an industry that churns out, whatever it is, 12,000 like-minded pieces of pornography a year.

Why is it different? I think it has something to do with the attitude and the camera’s attention. In the first scene, a naturally-lit three-way between Kane, Danny Wylde, and Wolf Hudson, the trio coalesce in front of the snow of an ancient television, as if all three are about to follow Carol Anne into the Light.

“I’m so spoiled,” says Kane as Wylde and Hudson engage in something not often found in movies produced in Porn Valley.

While no one cracks a smile in any of the scenes, there is a sense of fun pervading the reasonable-to-hardcore shenanigans depicted therein, especially in Scene Two, featuring Avy Scott as a woman useless as a maid but deeply important as a toy.

“Slave?” says Kane, “I’m going to slap the shit out of you, slave. Your cleaning skills suck.”

This scene is shot in black and white with Kane in a June Cleaver dress that quickly comes off, featuring the delicious porno-Diana Krall smokiness of Avy Scott.

Scene Three stars the resurgent Denis Marti, who took a break from porn but now is back, and grateful in the way other foreign performers, such as Steve Holmes, often appear as they are once again given the chance to fuck the shit out of sweaty pornstresses.

“My Own Master” might also succeed as a result of its brevity and the variation in its three scenes. Thankfully, each of the interludes features Kane, whose lanky ripeness is a lot of fun to watch, and who is a generous enough performer to let her costars take center stage.

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