(You) and Lexi Belle

Somehow, the idea of just playing with Lexi Belle doesn’t seem to do justice to the notion of Lexi Belle. This is not something to be played with. Still, she’s there, and she’s naked. Might as well do something.

Studio: New Sensations
: Eddie Powell
Starring: Lexi Belle, You

“How did you know I like to be teased?” asks Lexi Belle of you – yes, You – in her installment of the “My Plaything” series. It is hard to think of Ms. Belle as a plaything for a number of reasons, which I will delineate.

First, we take Lexi Belle way too seriously to treat her like a plaything. Maybe we might give her a stern talking to if she leaves us by the side of the road or maxes out our credit cards, but she is no floppy toy to be tossed away.

We also think a plaything must be a little looser than this tight little bundle of nerve endings that looks directly at us while fellating our stand-in, just daring us to come in her mouth.

But this interactive series, now nearing a decade’s worth of episodes from Jenna Jameson and Carmen Luvana to Gianna and Audrey Bitoni, may present the illusion of allowing the viewer the control over the girls, but in the short segments that require constant hovering over the DVD controls, it’s more accurate to say the girls have control over you. Which they always did. It’s amazing they even needed to release another porn movie to prove that point.

Regardless, it’s great fun to put the delicious Belle through her paces, even if the interactive format is a different kind of porn-watching than most people are used to. One thing is certain: she is both pale and ripe, and the stunt cocks look as though they are gorillas fucking a quivering basket of peaches.

“I like to play with myself (but) I don’t usually let people watch me,” lies Belle through her tiny, well-formed teeth. We don’t care that she’s lying, because we’d be her plaything any day.

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