You know: That “Over the Toilet” look

It’s a late night and Amber Rayne is drinking with a couple of guys. Nearby, Natasha Norton is jilling off in the toilet. We know what happens next (and no, it’s not like “The Accused”) and we’re happy about it.

Studio: Pink Visual
Director: Rob Rotten
Starring: Amber Rayne, Natalier Norton, Jessica Woods, Cameron Love, Morgan Layne, Otto Bauer, Lee Stone, Rob Rotten

This is the first setup of “Rob Rotten’s Reality.” Why this collection of five scenes works is that each scenario takes a little extra time and makes the effort to reconcile porn’s outlandish and hackneyed microplots with something that is just a little more likely to happen. Either that or the setups are more fun.

Lee Stone, for example, interrupts a masturbating Natasha Norton in a restroom.

“That doesn’t sound like a dude,” he muses, pushing his cock through the stall wall and making an impromptu gloryhole out of the toilet paper dispenser.

Now that’s smart. And also efficient. Sex in a bathroom just seems like the best way to avail oneself of all the necessary resources, doesn’t it?

The scenes that follow stick to a similar theme: there is something a little townie, a little slutty about each performer and the situation she finds herself in: a motel where Jessica Woods is on the run from her boyfriend, the trunk of her dad’s car where Cameron Love has fleeting second thoughts about the age of her partner:

“You’re a little sleazy; I’m 18,” she says.

“I’m human,” he says.

The final scene, between Rotten and the inflatable Morgan Layne, shows off the latter in a flattering light as the two partake in a cash transaction. By the end, we don’t know where Rotten’s tattoos end and Layne’s begin.

I don’t know how much this movie cost. I’d like to think it cost the same or less than any other five-scene gonzo. Why? Because it proves that all porn isn’t the same, and that it only takes a little effort to make something look real.

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