Zoey Nixon gives more than she gets

redheads02As delightful as I think they are, Girls-Only Girls are pornographically selfish. Sorry Justine Joli and Angie Savage. But even though Zoey Nixon clearly takes her nom de porn from redheaded Zoey Voss and “Sex in the City”‘s Cynthia Nixon, she gives more than they do: Zoey Nixon does dudes.

It is unfair to say that Zoey Voss does not do dudes. She’s just not here right now. See? Selfish.

redheads11And that’s important, because I can’t be everywhere at once.

Tall, pale, and juicy—with a sassy haircut reminiscent of a hot elf—Zoey Nixon masturbates by a pool before being joined by a very appreciative John Strong, who stands in for us today.

Strong can’t get enough of Nixon’s breasts, and who can blame him? For her part, Nixon pays very nice attention to Strong but checks in with us now and then, too, as if to say “John Strong and I are only temporary.”

Nixon’s scene is included in New Sensations’ “Redheads Are Sexy 2,” and we appreciate the truth in advertising, even if, in Nixon’s case, there is no carpet to match the drapes, so we have to take it on faith that she’s a true redhead.

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