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Gram Ponante began his career in the adult industry in 2002 as Managing Editor of AVN, later moving to XBiz as News Editor. In 2005 he launched GramPonante.com and has made this site the internet’s highest-trafficked first-person snapshot of the porn business.

Also in 2005, Ponante became a daily contributor to Fleshbot.com, the world’s most popular sex culture site, where he was Senior Erotic Consultant until the site was sold in 2013. He contributed editorial material to Gamelink, one of the world’s largest adult VOD sites, from 2006 to 2015, editing its magazine, The Naked Truth, for the final two years. He also wrote feature stories for swanky gentlemen’s magazines small and large, including Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler. In 2016 Gram edited much of that year’s issues of Penthouse but that work went uncredited.

In the early years of this century Gram was regularly interviewed by media outlets worldwide about the Porno-Industrial Complex, and appeared on G4TV, TMZ, Russia Today, Wired, Cosmopolitan, FM4 (Austria), Vice, and Germany’s Die Welt, as well as most L.A. publications, for whom porn isn’t as exciting.

He also talked about his work at events like the Adult Entertainment Expo, the XBiz Forum, Mindshare LA, Stripped Stories, Bawdy Storytelling, and CatalystCon, as well as college campuses.

Ponante wrote the foreword to the scholarly tome “Porn – Philosophy for Everyone: How to Think With Kink” and became a bestseling eBook author in 2011 with A Porn Valley Odyssey: Making “The Facts of Life XXX.”

Q. Is Gram Ponante your real name?

A. No.

Q. Why did you choose to adopt a “nom de porn”?

A. I thought it would be fun. But I can’t even pronounce “Ponante” and people still call me “Grant.” But it’s too late to make the change to Ronnie James Dio now anyway.

Gram Ponante is a persona that shares certain virtues and vices with the person who created him, such as two legs and a resonant, manly baritone. My real name is easy enough to find, as are those of most of the people who work in the mainstream or adult industry, but it is respectful to keep them separated.

Q. Have you watched so much pornography that you hate it?

A. No, but I’m far more interested in porn as a business and a social phenomenon, and I tend to like the individuals who make porn more than I care about the porn they make. As my friend Cousin Stevie points out, “I make masturbation material, not Art. The Art comes from how many times I can get you to come back.”

Q. Do people/organizations pay you to write about them?

A. Yes, and it has made me rich, Rich, RICH! But reviews and kind words are not contingent on sponsorship (although more words generally are).

Q. Do you work in places other than the adult industry?

A. Yes, and I’ll say there are more similarities than differences. I like porn because at least porn says it’s porn.

Q. Why didn’t you print my press release? Why did you make a joke about it? Why didn’t you print it exactly as it was written?

A. It was not because I don’t love you.

Q. I just sent you a box of movies and you only reviewed one of them.

A. That is a statement, not a question.

Q. You’re right! Why did you only review one of the movies I sent to you in that box?

A. When I receive review copies of movies or marital aids, I choose the ones that I think I will like most. You don’t want my brain to rot, do you? So it is in your best interest that I choose from among a larger group of your company’s fine products.

15 thoughts on “About Gram

  1. “On September 11, 2001, I was in Cabo San Lucas working for a reality TV production company. When I and the rest of the production staff learned of the suicide attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the first thing our executive producer said was: “This is going to push back filming.” I didn’t have an adult industry analogue to that kind of stupidity and ignorance until this series of events.”

    – oh my, my grams.

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