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Assed from the Past: Fap 5 Friday

fap 5 presents the FAP FIVE WEEKLY COUNTDOWN! This week is very exciting as we have tales of pimping out our wives, a couple of movies involving — get ready for it — the ass, and a classic from the 1980s that people are getting excited about all over again. The one thing all these movies have in common? TEENS. *******Follow along as Playboy Radio’s Lexi Stetzel delivers the week’s most popular movies as determined by Gamelink customers.****** We’ll begin with

Fap 5 Friday: Irish Curse Edition (March 20)

Fap 5 Gamelink

For the past several months I have been doing this little job of work for Playboy in which I take the five top-selling movies for that week at and write an interesting blurb about each of them for Playboy Radio’s Lexi Stetzel to read. I call these the Fap 5 and Yes, I am That Clever. People ask me all the time: Grams, how do you WRITE FOR WOMEN? The answer is that I am an intuitive old soul

Porn Standards Conclabe Supports Milves, Abolishes Strokable

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Notes from the 12th Porn Standards Conclabe CHATSWORTH, Calif.— Calling to order the 12th Annual Porn Standards Conclabe at the Lamplighter Restaurant here, Porn Valley Chamber of Commerce Chairperson Loup Perch-Tounge welcomed industry dramaturgs, archivists, scribes, and tastemakers from as far away as Tampa to both Portlands as well as sizable retinues from San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. True to this year’s theme of “Reach for the Stars,” attendees sampled Kirkland products from the Costco on Roscoe while