Dear Friends, Fans, And Colleagues,

Following a decade and a half of really fun times in this business, from AVN to XBiz to Playboy to Penthouse to Hustler and back and then, somehow, transcending them all to bring you p*rn journalism in its purest, most elegant form, I’ve been asked to stop, just stop, with all the commentary, nudity, poignant interviews, keen insight, tearful reminiscences, tawdry feuds, and exultantly-rendered prose so glorious it threatens, even in archival .xml form, to tear your soul apart.

I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do with all this material. I’ve saved it. And now perhaps I’ll wait a few years for it to settle. Then, when decades have passed and all the odd Porn Valley business models, trend surgeries, and 4-hour loop topics seem somehow quaint and innocent by comparison to the hellscape we’ll be living in then, maybe I’ll turn it all into a t-shirt that can be read in a scanner.