Talkin’ Hotwifing And Fauxcest with Jacky St. James And Eddie Powell

jacky st. james and eddie powell

jacky st. james and eddie powell
Today it’s my pleasure to interview two pornographers, literally a couple of pornographers, whose work I admire: Jacky St. James and Eddie Powell. Both work for the long-established New Sensations. These are two people who have a signature, crowd-pleasing style. If you are wary of so much porn looking the same, you can’t tell one scene from another, and your belief in the auteur theory has gone right out the window, watch the things that Eddie Powell does. On the one hand it is EXACTLY the same as any 4-or-5-scene formulaic porn movie, except in the way he films it. He is an excellent porn director who makes such great use of light and flesh that you are sure to be a fan.

Later to the scene came Jacky St. James, who started off as a writer, and she has done an excellent job in creating scripts that porn actors can read, and developing casts that have increasingly been able to handle the things she writes. The great skill of Jacky St. James and her generation of pornographers is that they do really well with the raw material they have, and play to every strength available.

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