Recalling the 2008 SF Fetish Ball

Satine Phoenix

There are none now alive who remember the great 2008 San Francisco Fetish Ball, and that is a shame, because a certain kind of juicy Gestapo fashion might be lost forever unless Kink Scientists can scrape a DNA sample from the toe of some PVC jackboots.

It’s fun to be ethically suspended

Held at the Regency Ballroom, the Fetish Ball capped a weekend of play parties and jocular depravity in and around the Mission District, including at’s old Armory, then an almost century-old building designed to house and deploy soldiers, and in 2008 used to produce every kind of fisting video. Sadly (and “sadly” for no other reason than it is fun to stage gangbangs in an armory when that armory is not Abu Ghraib), sold that gorgeous building in 2018 and decentralized its production.

Hot Slerestaks

San Francisco was well down the road of being financially impossible at that point, but at the Fetish Ball there was a great mix of tech oligarchs and exuberant kinky Poors hobnobbing at a time when a career in sex work at (or other adult studios) was a viable way to pay the rent.

They know, and that’s all that matters.

I see from these photos that I spent a lot of time with Satine Phoenix, who is and was a delightful person, as well as with furries, giantesses, and pasties, both of the nipple-covering variety and the kind that don’t get a lot of sun.

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