Let’s Pretend “Rabbit-Proof Fence” Is A Filthy Thing To Say And Apply It to This Interview with Australian Porn Star Angela Whte

Angela White Gram Ponante Interview

or maybe: You Don’t Have To Go To Australia To Get Down Under Angela White

Angela White Gram Ponante Interview

That header, due to the Clickbait Headline Code of 2013, might be the most gratuitously salacious part of the following interview with Australian porntepreneur/hardcore performer Angela White, whose XRCO-nominated showcase “Angela 2” finds the Melbourne firecracker trebly penetrated by a trio of American porn dudes.

Well, Eric Everhard is technically Canadian, but he joined White’s tricumvirate in Los Angeles.

Q. Wait, Grams, are you saying that tiny, charming woman was triple-penetrated on film, the classic DVA of double-vag plus anal?

Let’s back up:

“I’ve been in porn a decade,” White, 30, reminds us from her home in Melbourne. “The reason why my career has been such a journey is because it’s been a slow journey.”

White says she was big-breasted and promiscuous in high school, “and the type of guys that liked me also liked magazines like ‘Score’ and ‘Voluptuous,’ so shortly after my 18th birthday I sent a disc — by snail mail! — of photos to Score in Miami.”

White had traveled to the States with her family once before, and had even visited Miami, but when Score responded enthusiastically to her photos, her trip back was by herself.

In 2003 Score released “Day with Angela White,” her first movie. “I was walking around, taking bubble baths, that sort of thing,” she says. I haven’t seen this movie, but if there isn’t an obligatory shot of White’s nipples poking up through soap suds, well, this isn’t America.

After White shot for Score, she returned to finish high school. She would appear in several movies for Score over the next few years and then, when she went to college in Melbourne, she found herself in the odd position of being the lone hardcore girl, steeped in Miami big boob porn practices, on a pair of Abby Winters movies.

Angela White Gram Ponante Interview

“You know how tame Abby Winters movies are,” White says. “And their pay was far better and they treated people really well. They had breakfasts! And yet they were basically driven out of Australia. That’s what the porn environment is like here.”

Abby Winters, a “natural” girl/girl porn company, is now headquartered in the Netherlands.

“My only experience was shooting that Score-type porn, and so Abby Winters had me in no makeup and Big Girl panties,” White says. “I’m more of a thong girl.”

I watched White’s scenes — as “Angie” — in two tentative, claustrophobic Abby Winters movies: “Erotic Moods” and “Girls with Desire.” It is not so difficult to imagine that woman all glammed up and being the center surface of a gangbang. Why? It’s just because all Abby Winters movies make me feel that way.

White was a closeted performer while taking undergraduate courses in gender studies, but finally came out as pornstress with her Master’s-level work — the postgraduate degree in Australia is known as an honors thesis — which focused on pornography. I asked if any of her gender studies classmates had a problem with how she occasionally earned Foster’s money.

“I was attacked for being promiscuous in high school,” she says. “Even with the gangbang scene, I get comments from fans saying ‘You’ve gone too far.’ But I’d gone through uni(versity) and done all my coursework. I’d proven I knew how to research and that I’d done my work. No one in my classes could attack me.”

White even got high marks in a seminar taught by a noted anti-porn academic.

White, noting Abby Winters’ hard time in Australia, says she simply cannot film the type of porn that is in her head while she is down under. And she says that, while she often feels like she is missing out on porn industry hobnobbing and the necessary facetime with colleagues that Stateside performers enjoy, she also isn’t forced to live the porn lifestyle 24/7 in her Melbourne neighborhood, which is a relief.

“Still,” I ask, “do you ever think about moving here?”

“Quite a bit,” White says. “And it’s a hard decision. I simply can’t put together the talent here, and then shoot what I want. I have to go to Los Angeles, where there is a full infrastructure dedicated to shooting porn and arranging for the talent. But Melbourne is the coffee capital of the world, and I would miss that.”


“Yeah,” she says. “Better than the fancy places near where I stay when I come to Los Angeles. Melbourne coffee is amazing. You think we don’t live in houses and it’s all red dirt and kangaroos, don’t you?”

Angela White Gram Ponante Interview

White shot for fellow whipsmart, amiable, massive-breasted Kelly Madison in 2012, and then formed her own company, Angela White Productions, in 2014. Her several movies, featuring her own handpicked American talent (like Alexis Texas, James Deen, Anikka Albrite, and Bonnie Rotten, among many others) and co-directed by White and new school pros like Chris Streams, are distributed by L.A.’s Girlfriends Films (though, unlike Girlfriends’ homemade projects, there are all sorts of dicks involved, all of which travel in and out of Ms. White).

It took White eight years, from that first high school trip to Score, to shoot a boy/girl scene, and she loved it. Her current movies are shot in the style that director Mason pioneered during her time at Elegant Angel, save for a lack of interviews.

“Yes, we go right into the sex,” says White. “I don’t like the stories. It’s not what I’m there for. ‘Yeah, clean my pool and clean my holes.’ No way. Since it’s my show, I’m there to do what I want, and to film the things that I like to see.”

Angela White Gram Ponante Interview
The author with Phoenix Marie, Julia Ann, Angela White

In January I was walking down the hallway of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino during the Adult Entertainment Expo when I saw Phoenix Marie, whom I have a professional crush on. Marie is a larger than life woman, and she was with a very engaging, very busty petite woman with an Australian accent. It was Angela White and we took a picture with Julia Ann. When “Angela 2” arrived, with all the hardcore glam and the triple-penetration and lack of dialogue, I didn’t make the connection. Plus, in the movie we never see that she is just a little over five feet tall.

“That’s the magic!” White says when I show her the picture. When you watch her movies, you can see that White is enjoying herself, and often lost in the moment. Since she is so fun to talk with, I ask if she’s going to inject more verbiage in her movies.

Angela White Gram Ponante Interview

“It’s no what I want to see,” she says. “I’m not a ‘hot mom’ or a ‘horny teen.’ I’m not playing a character. Once I start fucking I am overwhelmed. I am cum-drunk. It’s not a choice. As much as I love my fans, this stuff is for me. That gangbang? It was the best thing I ever did. I felt like the queen.”

And the feminist critique of porn?

“There might be people saying I have a ‘False Consciousness’ or I ‘Internalized the Patriarchy,’” she says, “but the fact is, I like it, and I control it.”

I really hope White makes an Internalized Patriarchy movie. That would be really hot.

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