AltPorn Awards Nominations Open for June Ceremony


The AltPorn Awards, a labor of love that recognizes the sylphlike, witchy, multipierced, and/or wholesomely sadistic/submissive Blue Blood/Suicide Girls/MetArt/Early 21st-century Joanna Angel wing of the porn industry, announced via its site the opening of nominations for work released in 2021.

Sponsored by toy manufacturer Bad Dragon, the 2022 AltPorn Awards will be held June 11 in Hollywood. It will be the first in-person adult awards show in the U.S. in more than two years.

Every year, winners are selected based on a combination of deliberation by the judges panel of editorial and writing staff and votes from fans, models, and producers.

Featuring awards like Best Rave Shoot and Best Modern Burlesque Performance, the AltPorn Awards recognize achievement and fan favorites in more than 30 other categories. Pictures are 2021 Female Fan Favorite Eva Elfie and Best Female Performer Rocky Emerson (even though their bread is buttered by sponsors, adult awards shows have, for the past several years, made generous room for fan submissions and take note of a performer’s social media following).

Rocky Emerson

According to the site, nominations close at 11:59 p.m. CST Thursday, March 31 if you want to cast your vote for Best Photo of Porn Stars Watching Gram Eat.

So What Is AltPorn?

Built into the name is a reaction to mainstream porn, so AltPorn, by definition, has to be stylistically, aesthetically, and even culturally different from what’s being offered at the Hometown Buffet that is Porn Valley. In 2003 that meant pasty women with tattoos. Many large mainstream companies, like Vivid and Hustler, had a tattoo prohibition.

So Rocky Emerson qualifies as Alt by 2003 standards, but what makes Eva Elfie (who used to go by the nom de porn Tiny Teen) Alt? Well, she has no tattoos. No misinterpreted Chinese character trampstamp, no Misfits tattoos, no labial piercing like they give you at the Chatsworth Greyhound terminal. See?!

Yes, it becomes difficult to define something by what it isn’t but, like you, I contain multitudes.

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