Meat and hooks in Culver City Adjacent

A “bondage parlor” called Dominion is being called a “good” adult business while a strip joint proposed to open in a former meat warehouse 1,000 feet away is being fought by residents of an area in the shadow of the 10 Freeway in Culver City.

I side with the residents; patrons of bondage parlors are usually more restrained.

(Thanks Jay Moyes for the L.A. floggo-geography lesson.)

Read the L.A. Times article here.

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  1. Ah, but Gram, here’s the rub.

    Having been to the Dominion in my nefarious BDSM days, I can honestly say that the Dominion is in West Los Angeles, also known as The Palms. The house itself is gorgeous, and you’d never know what they did there just passing by.

    Culver City, while bordering West LA, is an independent city. Culver City has it’s own city council, Mayor, and Chief of Police.

    This is not to say Culver City hasn’t had an adult past. I knew of two famous Dominatrixes that had dungeons in Culver City. However, they closed their doors before 1996.

    Best wishes,

    Jay E. Moyes

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