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"TMSleaze" is a sign of the times

If you like the show “TMZ,” then you will most likely also like 3rd Degree’s note-perfect parody of it, “TMSleaze.” But what if you don’t like TMZ? It doesn’t matter what you like. TMZ actually came to the set of “TMSleaze” and signed off on it, probably saying that it legitimized them. Read my review of “TMSleaze” here Previously on Porn Valley Observed: Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories – Lindsay Lohan; Shocker – some pornorazzi hated; Anatomy of an Oil OrgySee

Shocker: Some Pornorazzi hated

“They stand there. They get in the way. They gawk. You can hear them breathing.” As Santa Ana winds and a tightening ring of fire drive adult casts, crews, and the media personnel that cover them closer together, both sides are chafing at the intrusion of new-school pornorazzi – people with disposables and camera phones itching to get close to their idols at porn parties and sets. A veteran director told me that he used to demand closed sets, but