The Notorious Jewel De’Nyle and Shelly Martinez

Studio: Jewel De’Nyle/Sinsation
Director: Jewel De’Nyle
Cast: Jewel De’Nyle, Shelly Martinez

In the opening credits of her first movie in four years, director/performer Jewel De’Nyle sends mixed messages. Giving the camera a double-barreled finger she says, “Fuck off.” She expands on this later by saying, “I’ll break you and make you mine.Now fuck off, bitch.” Does she want us to watch the goddamn movie or not?

De’Nyle (who, in case you didn’t know, is daughter to MILF-come-lately DeBella) is just as juicy and dirty as fans remember her, and her niche sensibilities are assured. With partner Shelly Martinez, De’Nyle executes several Bettie Page-style maneuvers before more or less going off the deep end with a sword.

But whereas Page was depicted as a real innocent in “The Notorious Bettie Page,” no one could accuse De’Nyle of being wholesome. It’s hard to imagine Page demanding we look at her “fat fucking pussy”, for example. Still, De’Nyle channels the possibility of Page as nasty as you might want her to be.

The ladies tackle a good deal of the fetish curriculum like spanking and smoking, with long shots of the two of them just standing there and breathing. For consumers intent on watching patiently, this sort of material is gold. For the rest of us, these more stationary scenes alternate with more traditional action.

What is most satisfying is that both De’Nyle and Martinez aren’t playing at being rough with each other, and neither is a shrinking emaciated thing; their bodies absorb the abuse.

Martinez has a great face for this. A pro wrestler (she was ECW’s Ariel and is now Selinas with Total Nonstop Action), she plays to the camera expertly, and the veteran De’Nyle has the mugging down as well.

While it is sad that there isn’t a guy in there (like, for example, me) to add variety, De’Nyle and Martinez do hit all their marks with aplomb. Just don’t give up on Jewel when she tells you to fuck off.

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