Joanna Angel: Nude with Meme

A friend (well, someone I don’t know who added me on Google+) reposts aphorisms, pictures of cats, montages of Obama, Stalin, and Hitler, conservative dogma masquerading as Christianity and, I’m assuming, anything people send her.

The provenance of her reposts is very difficult to trace, as are many memes, or viral Internet phenomena. Sometimes I wonder if a human creates them at all, or if overcaffeinated lab rabbits spend all day hsitting them out on Photoshop and reposting them to their Tumblr accounts.

Anyway, this one made me think of the font used in American Apparel ads.

I thought the message would be that much more cryptic, ambiguous, and thought-provoking if juxtaposed with this lovely natural-light photograph of Joanna Angel from December, 2007.

If American Apparel appropriates my idea of pairing barely-clothed women with mass-forwarded versions of breakroom posters and Presbyterian church marquee quotes, I want a piece of it.

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  1. I guarantee that, if your pic of Joanna with that tag were posted on Tumblr, for instance, it’d be all over the place by the end of the day. I’m almost tempted to post it myself (credit to you, natch) just to see.

  2. That saying doesn’t make a damned bit of sense. But Joanna is always nice to look at. 🙂

    As for provenance, there is always Know Your Meme:

    They mainly deal with things that have “gone viral, ” as the saying goes, but it’s a helpful resource when you run across a new rage face and wonder where it came from.

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