She Is Half My Age 8


halfmyage8Studio: Brandon Iron Productions
Director: Brandon Iron
Cast: Jenna Lovely, Valentina Rossi, Natalli D’Angelo, Cindy Dollar, Angelin Crow, Brandon Iron, Steve Holmes

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“Does my ass seem like to be fucked before?” asks Valentina Rossi, just 20, of Brandon Iron, twice that age. It is one of life’s bittersweet events when we can talk to our elders on their own level.

“She Is Half My Age” is one of my favorite series because it makes clear either the outright joy or the nagging self doubt – sometimes both – of knowing the person you are paying for sex looks at your Whitesnake collection half as ironically as you do.

In this eighth installment, however (filmed primarily in the Czech Republic), we are mostly left to assume the women are half the age of the men – like in most porn movies – instead of having the age difference demonstrated in charming/harrowing skits such as the ones that charactereized earlier iterations. This could be due to a language barrier.

But Steve Holmes makes up for this. Holmes, a veteran porn dude from Europe, is a whimsical satyr. He takes such pleasure in his work that we can even forgive him when he’s lazy (Director Iron and Holmes are looking at a porn modeling agency’s website and Iron accuses Holmes of “ordering women like they’re pizza”).

And the women, too, are great fun, especially Rossi, Natalli D’Angelo, and the pixieish Angelin Crow.

Because this installment of “She Is Half My Age” was filmed in Europe, we lose the significance of the title. Everyone seems so much more blase about the age difference. It is merely a good vignette porn movie without the context, save for that provided by the fact that the cast is in Prague and not in some sun-blighted Chatsworth warehouse.

But what really sells this episode is the fun most of the cast seems to be having, no matter how old they are.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to check it out, Gram. I appreciate it! You are welcome to come to europe for the next one!

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