The Unluckiest Ottoman

Every now and then I feel like I get a peek into someone else’s world. For example, now that I have seen An Inconvenient Truth I feel like I know what it is like to be Melissa Etheridge.

But such backstage visits can be misleading. A recent episode of Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels had Simmons in a madcap situation dealing with his luggage at a hotel. That would have never happened. And I have already mentioned the non-reality of the “Debbie Does Dallas” series.

This YouTube video of five dudes letting us in on how they work the ladies by tag-teaming a hassock is disturbing for several reasons. 1.) I would hate for my concubine to watch this video and think that’s how I spent my early 20’s, and 2.) I have a feeling that beyond that bedroom door is not, as promised, a bevy of eager young women but instead several parents committing suicide.

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  1. Wow.
    I broke a rib laughing.It gets funnier every time.It’s sooo bad that you just know it’s gonna spur copycats…and you can’t tell me that VIDEO TEAM or WEST COAST PRODUCTIONS is’nt planning a more realistic “treatment”.These youngsters need not worry.OTHERS will most certainly follow.Lucky for them.I could just see that being an impropmtu part of some future highschool talent competition…and every body in the room knowing where it came from.

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