Bree Olson’s future planning

On the set of the Adam & Eve/Zero Tolerance co-production Rollerdollz at Glendale’s Moonlite Rollerway, Bree Olson improvised a line in a scene with Mikey Butders that told me she will have a long career in this business.

“Fuck that little hole,” she said. “Loosen it up for the next guy.”

In the same way that I feel porn shot in Glendale is a triumph for that city’s large population of off-the-boat Armenians, Ms. Olson’s realistic prediction that her vagina might at some later date be occupied by someone other than Mikey Butders should give this site’s older readers assurance that the future is in good hands.

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  1. What does the Armenian population of Glendale have to do with porn being shot there? (i.e. try to hide your innate racism a little better)

  2. You’ll have to explain why what I wrote was racist. In my line of work, though, I understand fetishes; do you enjoy calling people racists?

  3. “In the same way that I feel porn shot in Glendale is a triumph for that city’s large population of off-the-boat Armenians, …”

    How, exactly, is porn being shot in a city a “triumph” for its inhabitants (regardless of culture). And why is it important to stress that they are “off-the-boat”? Do you have a fetish for devaluing others and feeling superior?

  4. You seem to be searching out ways to feel offended. Don’t blame me for your own sensitivity.

    If “off the boat,” a term applied to newly-arrived immigrants of any nationality, sounds racist to you, you must go around feeling indignant all day. It seems you are applying a negative connotation to something that is neutral.

    And yeah, since all the OTB Armenians I know in Glendale love porn, I maintain it is a triumph.

    But here we disagree, I guess; it appears you don’t like porn and even might have arrived at this site by accident. I, on the other hand, think porn is a good thing (especially the company that shot this movie).

    Your own glib sense of superiority is apparent in your comments – and more power to you – just don’t accuse other people of it. It’s very common.

  5. I’m sure you aced your Psych 101 class but your comments don’t match your explanation here. I’m not hypersensitive nor am I inferring too much from your comments. You seem to steer toward measuring me up instead of accounting for bad writing.

    Also, you seem to have latched on to Tom Cruise’s definition of glib.

  6. So am I a bad writer or a racist? And am I also a Scientologist? I’m having a hard time figuring out what your actual problem is because you keep changing it.

    Thanks for writing, but you seem to pop up with a new accusation the moment the previous one is discredited. Lurk somewhere else.

  7. This was one of the best GP posts ever; my apologies that its sole comments were anonymous attacks by the Armenian-Glendalite community.


  8. Thank you! I had forgotten about this thread (and this post) but Yes, Anonymous seemed intent on being offended by something.

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