Crissy Moran and Angie Savage in different underpants

Angie Savage and Crissy Moran
Because I am a loose cannon, serve no master, roam the earth, and am a lone wolf, I would probably not be a good candidate to have my own webcam show.

The digital cameras would roll, I would stare into the lens, say “Let’s do this,” and unload several quarts of GramChowder onto a horrified America within 30 seconds. Then I would leave.

Angie Savage and Crissy Moran, who are professionals, took their time.

The HustlerLive show they perpetrated last night from the VideoSecrets studio in Pumpkins was a measured affair with designated times for clothing, toys, and dinner.

I first met Savage and her spiritual heavy metal husband, Devon, on the set of ReBelle Rousers, the photos of which I am legally bound not to show. Both are very nice.

Savage, like Kelly Madison, only works with her spouse as male talent.

“But for a special one-off event for my website, we are going to have a threesome with Ron Jeremy,” she reported.

“Usually threesomes involve another girl,” it was noted.

“Well, I want to make Devon squirm a little. I don’t like those cut and shaved guys. Ron has a big gut and a hairy back.”

Note to self: get off Atkins.

Savage and Moran spent several minutes extolling various Hustler ticklers, vibes, and floggers, opening the hard plastic packaging of each toy for the cameras.

“This one is a little big,” Savage said of a large purple dildo. “We’re scared.”

The two worked together as believably as two people can in high heels on a small couch with three or four people pointing cameras at them. It’s worth repeating that both were just so nice, like the hottest Montessori kindergarten teachers one could imagine.

Moran said that she’s been on other shoots where she’s felt much more worldly than her scene partner.

“I was paired with a 19-year-old and I think it was her first scene,” she said. “I felt like I was molesting her.”

But Savage and Moran seemed well-matched for the tasks set before them, which were three interrupted hours of donning and doffing skimpy outfits, making out, and taking relayed voice commands from very respectful Internet fans.

It was an entirely pleasant evening in a little office park way out on the 101, where the road signs might have read: Go Back to North Hollywood if You Want Skanks.

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