Guess who’s coming to dinner on Aiden Starr’s face?

I sure like that Aiden Starr. Why? I guess it’s because she makes me feel tall.

Because she is 4’11”, Starr is often cast as a teen, and that is ostensibly why she stars in the movie My Daughter Went Black And Never Came Back.

Unfortunately, Starr’s scene (with the performer Julius) mentions nothing about her parents. To whom, then, does the “My” in the title refer? We never see a nervous dad or mom waiting by the telephone, or burning crosses on lawns.

But that doesn’t matter. What matters is Starr’s wholly improvised scene, which I’ve reprinted here with the permission of the Writers’ Guild of America (West) and the Samuel French Company.

STARR is talking to JULIUS on the phone. Her lascivious intentions are clear.


I’ll text you. I’ll text you my address from my cell phone.

I believe this motivation because Starr has often texted me addresses from her cell phone.

When JULIUS arrives, STARR begins verbalizing her curiosity about the forbidden black man, blaming her friends for her uncertainty.


They kinda said it was a bad idea for me to date you. Because they don’t like black guys, and maybe, like, because they feel that there were things about you that I might not know, and some things that are bad about you. That your cock was so big it might split me in half pretty much? I don’t know. What do you think about it?

JULIUS is noncommital, but begins fucking STARR, probably just to be polite, because he’s already there and everything.


Do you get dizzy when it gets hard because of all the blood that rushes to it?


Is that a myth that you heard about us?

STARR is electrified by this verbal parrying, and their exertions grow more frenzied. But JULIUS loses control.


Oh fuck! Did you come in my fucking pussy?




What if I get pregnant? Then everyone’s gonna know I fucked a black guy!

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