Mary Carey hosts a happening


Kickass Pictures threw one of those crazy art shindigs downtown this past weekend. Naturally I expected to be rubbing elbows with beatniks and David Bowie and/or Iman. Instead Mary Carey applied her painted parts to a canvas and sold the result for Katrina relief. Alas, Katrina was relieved to the tune of fifty bucks.

But since the drink girls were averse to giving change, I spent 20 bucks on three shots of Jack Daniels and a Coke. Then I had a Jackson Pollock-scale meltdown and beat up some hipsters.

“Who’s that outrageous person?” sniffed a George Plimptonesque art reviewer.

“Must be from the porn world,” someone answered. “Their art is provocative and we fear it.”

And just so you know, 20 bucks is a tiny amount to spend on three shots of Jack in Los Angeles.

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