Skater Girl Fever

Studio: Vivid-Alt
Director: Dave Naz
Cast: Charlotte Stokely, Kimberly Kane, Nadia Styles, Christy Lee, Gia Jordan, Faith Leon, Leah Luv, James Deen, Nat Turner, Tommy Pistol

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With Skater Girl Fever, Dave Naz has created the clearest expression of Alt culture, if you happen to believe that the Alt movement fetishizes the sullen.

From the opening montage of gum-snapping, couch-lounging, closed-kneed Alt usual suspects, the viewer must decide: “Is Just Lying There Sexy?”

Dave Naz is a celebrated photographer, among whose many fans is Eon McKai. McKai recruited Naz for Vivid-Alt earlier this year.

“Eon showed me how to use the (movie) camera the day before we started shooting,” Naz said.

It is for this reason that SGF looks like an Eon McKai movie. It has McKai’s trademark style as established in his first flick for VCA, “Art School Sluts”: 1. Emphasis on socks, underpants, and hats 2. Visually arresting backdrop, and 3. Manual zoom. What do we call a person who has a recognizable style throughout a body of work? An auteur.

This does not mean people will like it. Through all the style and wardrobe wanders a cast, and it often seems that the wardrobe is enough for them; that appearing to be happy to be there would be asking too much.

This seems like the Alt footprint. It is not always this way – some scenes, like James Deen’s and Tommy Pistol’s lip-synching to “I Dig It” in Neu Wave Hookers, are joyful – but a general sexual moroseness seems to pervade McKai’s work (though not Naz’s still photography), and you can’t help but think that it’s a choice.

So we will look at this as a choice, and if you like this sort of thing, you will love Skater Girl Fever.

Like many porn movies, SGF doesn’t have a credits sequence that allows easy identification of talent. I happen to know, though, that Nat Turner and Leah Luv star in the first scene. Luv pees in a toilet demurely whilst blowing Turner. I don’t know if this act has a name yet. It would be a Blumpkin if the partners were reversed and the waste material was different. It would be wrong to call it Dimitri Tiomkin.

The rest of the movie seems improvised, featuring pairs of girls on couches who talk a while, fool around a while, and are later joined (or not) by others, including James Deen and Tommy Pistol, who do not lip sync once.

Unlike most recent DVDs, chapter stops on Skater Girl Fever don’t necessarily take one directly to the action. If a viewer is, by chance, not interested in what Gia Jordan happens to be saying*, he is stuck with the manual fast forward to get away from it.

If this is a fetish movie, I can be forgiven for saying I don’t subscribe to the fetish (although there is gum-swapping). If it’s not a fetish movie, buyers would need to be real fans of the individual and very attractive stars to find this movie worthwhile; the production seems self-conscious about the style and unconscious of the substance.

*Don’t get us wrong – Gia Jordan is always interesting, especially when she’s blowing bubblegum up someone’s ass.

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Buy it.

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