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Remember the Boston Teabag Party

It was on this date 235 years ago that liquored-up Sons of Liberty, dressed as Narragansett Indians (because the Sons of Liberty had been drinking Narragansett Beer), boarded three ships docked in Boston Harbor and proceeded to forcibly teabag British troops in protest of King George’s Stamp and Townshend Acts. The ships were the Dartmouth, the Eleanor, and, of course, the Beaver. “I’m worried about the Brig Beaver,” said Samuel Adams, who liked Narragansett so much that he vowed to

The Price of The Price of Pleasure

Somewhere on the campus of the University of Southern California tomorrow (only the elect know), perhaps between 11:15 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. at the Montgomery Ross Fisher Building at University Park Campus and couched in a seminar titled “White Privilege,” (but perhaps not) will be the long-awaited Southern California debut of the documentary The Price of Pleasure, a film compiled from footage and interviews taken at 2005’s Adult Entertainment Expo. Written by Robert Wosnitzer, Miguel Picker, and Dr. Chyng Sun

Tyler Faith to relieve Daisuke "by any means necessary"

Pride of Saugus Tyler Faith is back in Boston for tonight’s pivotal Game 5 of baseball’s ALCS matchup between the Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays. “Why did you drop the ‘Devil’ from your name?” Faith taunted the upstart Tampa team. “What have you got to hide? Who is the real Tampa? Is there even a Bay?” Faith, a porn star who has dated most of the starting lineups of Boston’s professional sports teams, as well as that of