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Awards Given, Accepted

February 23, 2005 Gram the Man 0

According to the two press releases I’ve received about the FOXE (Fans of X-Rated Entertainment) Awards, they happened. People won things and FOXE Awards co-founder […]

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Porn World Soggy, Spent

February 20, 2005 Gram the Man 0

No fewer than seven porn shoots were cancelled due to this weekend’s inclement weather, from useless hot tub scenes in rented Beverly Hills outdoor jacuzzis, […]

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O Captain, My Captain

February 17, 2005 Gram the Man 0

Steve Banan is stepping down as head of the Lucchese/Banan Entertainment Group, implying his company’s interests have become too diverse and don’t include enough porn. […]

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DOJ Back on Black

February 16, 2005 Gram the Man 0

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said that the Department of Justice will appeal Extreme Associates’ lucky turn of fate, re-opening an obscenity trial against Rob (Rob […]

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I Was Wrong

February 10, 2005 Gram the Man 0

The nice lady was Candice Michelle, not Bridget Bako, as I’d previously “reported”. Thanks to Hart Williams for letting me know gently, rather than […]

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Filthy Ore

February 9, 2005 Gram the Man 0

Hell wants them, Heaven won’t take them, Earth needs them. “Six semen demons swallow 101 doses of vitamins C, U, and M in A Good […]

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February 8, 2005 Gram the Man 0

AVN indignant adult industry not taken seriously by Inside Deep Throat’s Grazer, Coyly hints at revenge I’m sorry that man hurt you, AVN.

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No, Daddy

February 7, 2005 Gram the Man 0

Yesterday’s SuperBowl was actually more interesting than its ads, save for the controversy surrounding domain registrar Go Daddy’s wardrobe malfunction/witch trial spoof. The scene is […]