Hustler gentrifies the barrio

As you know, Hustler is a welcome guest in every neighborhood, increasing property values, digging wells, encouraging local youth to settle their differences through The Dance rather than gang fights.

But today’s report in the Journal of Civil Engineering indicates that Hustler is turning ethnic neighborhoods white, as evidenced by the fifth installment of Barrio Booty, which features Rachel Solari, the whitest cover model yet.

“She looks like an oiled Debbie Reynolds or Donna Reed,” said Loup Perch-Tounge, PhD., of the simultaneously undoubtedly bootylicious and Caucasian Solari. “She’s more White Tag Sale than Swapmeet.”

Added Professor Lemt Squirrele, “Red beans and rice didn’t miss her, per se, but it looks like she got them while she was a Peace Corps volunteer.”

Solari will present a paper at The Bleachening Face of the Barrio, a symposium sponsored by the non-profit ATOGM Group of Cambridge.

I don’t care if Hustler turns my neighborhood white. As long as the Los Angeles Department of Water And Power continues delivering my malt liquor, I won’t be suing nobody.

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