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As I rattle into old age (I am 23), I look at porn press releases as an index of what it will be like in my retirement. If the person or movie featured seems both tasty and smart I think, “The world is in good hands.” If the press release is poorly written and the person or project it hypes looks like a dumbass not only do I worry about the future but I also reconsider how I make part of my living in the present.

Between you and me, I have met some delightful people with bad press agents who, had I not met them myself, I would have assumed based on their choice of PR hack that they might actually be retarded. Then I have met people whose PR people made them look really compelling when in fact they were, actually, retarded. It’s fun.

Anyway, along comes Karen Duhe from Florida. Wholesome! Lithe! Corn-fed! But what are we to make of this lovely model, “discovered” by a photographer named Ron Harris, based on this blurb:

A full time student majoring in Human Development, Duhe, is not only beautiful, but also a voracious scholar. “I love school, I love learning about new things, especially things related to evolution and the creation of life. I’m very interested in studying about Darwin in school, I want to learn the science behind his theories of Evolution,” she smiles.

That’s a lot to say while one is smiling. The press release does not say this delightful mix of Casey Parker and Richard Leakey is also a ventriloquist.

Who must this Harris be? Luckily, his bio is also included, complete with kudos from someone named High Hefner:

Ron “Eggman” Harris is the visionary artist behind the legendary, sexually implicit Aerobicise series and founder of the first fertility/donor egg website with criteria based purely on beauty. That site, RonsAngels.com made international headlines in broadcast, print and internet news. The man that Playboy Magazine founder, High Hefner called “The King of Erotica” and People Magazine named “The King of Jiggle” is still putting the art in erotica with brand new weekly content for his suite of sites; RonHarris.com, Harris-Archives.com, Harris-Art.com, Sweet18.com and KaraDuhe.com Affiliate programs are available through RonHarrisCash.com and his flagship site, RonHarris.com.

Well I, too, want to learn the science behind Darwin’s theory of evolution. Maybe I, Karen Duhe, her press team, and Ron “Eggman” Harris can study on the Galapagos Islands for a year. We’ll get there on High Hefner’s plane.


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