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Some of my favorite porn sets are those run by Cousin Stevie. His “Pussy Party”s were fun for several reasons:

  • Everyone knew beforehand they would be there for the full day, so there was no stress over time
  • Stevie has a beautiful wife and is not an old letch (except on camera)
  • The women (for the most part, but with notable exceptions) got to know and like each other over the course of the day
  • The female:male ratio was often 2:1, which is great for a selfish bastard like me
  • Stevie cast likable people

The first time I visited a “Pussy Party” was five years ago this month. What great fun! Clockwise from left: Vivian West, Amber Peach, Erika Kole, Monica Sweetheart, Brandi Wylde, Missy Monroe, and Cousin Stevie. Kami Andrews was also at this shoot. I would like to say she was blowing me as I took this shot, but I would be lying; she was probably knitting.

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  1. Seeing this makes me miss Adam Glasser’s Showtime series – probably the only “reality show” I’ve willingly watched and enjoyed.

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